Earl Anthony Teaches Bowling – 2

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Instructional video from the 80′s with the great Earl Anthony. Part 2

Earl Anthony Teaches Bowling - 3

Instructional video from the 80′s with the great Earl Anthony. Part 3

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25 Responses to “Earl Anthony Teaches Bowling – 2”
  1. TheWizard101Helpers says:

    He would be alive if he didnt fall down the stairs :(

  2. Lovebowling011 says:

    I have been bowling for a while and I never even thought about single pin spares that way. I didn’t even know you have half the lane. Even more advanced bowlers can learn from this

  3. gamemeister27 says:

    I love that he implies that there could be someone that strikes every ball and therefore a person that wouldn’t need to learn to shoot spares.

  4. cheech4800 says:

    This is the man to learn from!!! Earl (THE MACHINE) Anthony!!! RIP.

  5. kboss2011 says:


  6. pickslide21 says:


    i know, right??? hahahahaha

  7. crackerman46 says:

    WTF? Funny as hell.

  8. crackerman46 says:

    I thought Earl Anthony was black?

  9. mudchair16 says:

    Oh man it’s like an innuendo convention

  10. pickslide21 says:

    penis at 3:15


  11. upliftmofo00 says:

    He turned his wrist slightly on the straight ball release. Most pros will use a similar release for spares

  12. iLuVMeTaL4LiFe says:

    i watched this and it helped my game alot. i used to only bowl 90-100 games. thanks to this, i now bowl over 200 games. i haven’t got a perfect 300 game yet but i hope soon i do. it will all be because of learning from the greatest bowler ever. RIP earl anthony

  13. Tata996 says:

    Anyone see the stalker at 8:32?

  14. Tata996 says:

    It must have been extremely difficult for him, psychologically speaking, to purposely throw an errant ball. Man was he the precision master!

  15. aleckermit says:

    I bet it hurts him to purposely leave pins standing ;p

  16. kmax947 says:

    Thanks for posting this. It’s been really helpful to me in preparing for a test! :)

  17. StickTweedles87 says:

    Looks like his hook and straight ball are the same, ha. Earl was awesome!

  18. Snagglefratz says:

    There’s Earl Anthony and there’s everyone else.

  19. vision09yt says:


  20. willscoaster says:

    do you know that he was voted the number 1 player of all time after the first 50 years of the pba tour

  21. XXXXShelts says:

    This vid 12000 views, the ‘featured’ video, 350000 views, um wrong!!!!!!!!!

  22. Tata996 says:

    Goodness gracious. Did the woman actually have to use the intercom at 1:40 while knowing that EARL ANTHONY is making an instructional video? FFS

  23. aleckermit says:

    He didn’t demonstrate the 7-10 or the 4-7-6-10 :(

  24. aleckermit says:

    yeah he was alright….

  25. deesyphrr says:

    Long live Earl!

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